Interconnecting Tourism Industry

In the face of a digital revolution, the behavior and wants of people moving from place to place has continued to evolve. The tourism sector, guaranteeing the reception and information of a city or region must adapt to align with tourists’ expectations.

Inform and Manage Flows

HEASE helps you improve your management of flows and queues, thanks to a set of technologies. With the adaptation of our new digital strategy, you will see your public appeal soar.

Offer more Information and Improve the Traveler’s Experience

Case Study: France’s Major Railway System SNCF

  • Our partner’s objectives:

    Improve the swiftness of travelers in Aix-en-Provence station by providing them with the necessary information when and where they need it.

  • Nature of the Project:

    Heasy was put into autonomous navigation in the halls of the Aix-en-Provence station. This application allows for the public to consult the robot for practical information such as maps, train stops, ride durations, as well as the ability to inquire about additional means of transport (buses, airport shuttles, car rentals, taxis, etc.)

  • Results of the Experiment:

    More than 80% of travelers reported that they felt satisfied after interacting Heasy.
    Heasy was available for continuous use during peak hours
    There was discovery use for persons with disabilities
    Travelers reported that they felt more informed than with the previous, conventional ways.

What we bring to the table

High Travelers

Increase the fluidity of travelers flows in train stations and airports and get to know them better with data collect.


Propose high-quality services to your loyal customers.

Upgrade your

Broadcast news and informations about your city/state in a continuous, omnichannel and innovative way.


The technological solution to add value to your employees’ missions with the automation of low value-added task.

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