While looking into all the P.O.C. projects we’ve been working on over the last 12 months, we found interesting insights. One caught our attention more than the others: the average interaction time with our robot kiosk Heasy. As of today, they last about two minutes. What does this mean? Is it good or bad?


Average interaction is 2 minutes

Out of the blue, it’s hard to make sense of those 120 seconds and decide if it’s good or bad. So since the general belief is that more is better, the first reaction is often to think that this duration is related to the amount of content available on the robot. Assuming more content would lead users to longer interactions with Heasy: “Let’s double it and interactions will last four minutes”. Bad news: it turns out that this is just not the way it works. More content won’t extend the time spent with the robot. And external studies even tend to confirm that the more content, the more intimidating it gets for the user at first, sometimes preventing him/her from even starting an interaction.

In fact, those two minutes aren’t the time it takes people to go through the content. Using this as a KPI to evaluate the interest of the robot for users and working to extend it would be a mistake. Those two minutes are the amount of time people have to dedicate to the interaction. No matter how much content is available.

Once you start seeing these two minutes as the amount of time that you are given, the next step is to think OK, so now how do I take advantage of it? What is the main mission of my robot? Is it to capture data? Is it to provide information about a specific service? To provide entertainment? What do I want people to see/do before the interaction ends?

When people contact us, our first reaction is always to ask them “What do you want to do with Heasy?”. If they don’t know or are not sure, we’re always happy to do some consulting and help them understand how Heasy could be useful for them. We have a real expertise on this topic, and a proven methodology. Once the goal is clear, it’s way easier to think about the kind of content or application that needs to be provided or developed in order to help Heasy achieve its mission… in 2 minutes.