How can Heasy help you innovate today?

Forget about static kiosk

Because of its mobility and its attractive design, HEASY creates 30 times more interaction than a classic kiosk. Always at the right place, HEASY moves directly towards its users to make sure your services are known & used.

Thanks to our in house navigation solution, HEASY adapts itself to any usage and environment with flexibility and safety.

Heasy, a robot with various uses in order to accompany you with your various projects.


From a height of 1m55, HEASY maneuvers in complete autonomy, thanks to its mobile platform, and can be at your service for more than 10 hours.


With its 18.5” touchscreen, sensor camera, and simulation of multiple expressions, Heasy charms and draws in passersby with just one glance.


With technologies evolving very quickly, Heasy was designed to remain scalable over time while remaining fully customizable.


You can develop your own applications using the software development kit (SDK).

Management and Data Collect: Welcome to the L.A.B

HEASY is fully configurable with its web interface, which is available with any devices (computer, smartphone, tablet). The L.A.B allows to manage HEASY easely with an intuitive interface, ready to use online or locally.

  • Robot monitoring: Utilization, Update, Connexion, Autonomy, …
  • Applications, Screen and Design configuration, …
  • Navigation configuration.
  • Access to collected datas.
  • Custom settings, Network flow, Backup, …

Technical Specification



Touch Screen

18,5″ Full HD


154 Lb


More than 10 hours in complete use



Barcode and QR code Scanner



Autonomous navigation integrated – Indoor mapping in option

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HEASY is an innovative product than can be adapted to many usages. Don’t wait to contact us to get more information or to have a demonstration.

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