How can Heasy help you innovate today?


From a height of 1m55, Heasy maneuvers in complete autonomy, thanks to its mobile platform, and can be at your service for more than 10 hours.


With its 18.5” touchscreen, sensor camera, and simulation of multiple expressions, Heasy charms and draws in passersby with just one glance.


With technologies evolving very quickly, Heasy was designed to remain scalable over time while remaining fully customizable.


You can develop your own applications using the software development kit (SDK).

Prototypes and new innovative uses with a HEASE expert: France’s Major energy supplier


  • Our partner’s goals

    VINCI ENERGIES looks to improve the experience of their visitors at its new office. Together, they decided on pursing innovation strategies.

  • Nature of the project:

    Heasy was placed in autonomous navigation in the hall of their building. When a visitor would arrive, he or she could go directly to the robot, alerting the person of whom was concerned that he or she had arrived. Heasy then could escort the person into one of the three areas of the factory where he or she could wait for the arrival of their necessary contact.

  • Results of the experiment:

    The personnel formerly in charge of welcoming patrons had earned 2 hours of extra time to work each day.
    10 people were guided each day
    More than 80% reported that they were satisfied with their experience
    Total time of the experiment: 3 months.

Heasy, a robot with various uses in order to accompany you with your various projects.

Heasy welcomes your visitors while alerting the necessary employee(s) of their arrival. The robot then guides them to the correct location while informing them of the general and practical information necessary for the visitor. Heasy can also gather data by utilizing games and surveys filled out by visitors and compiling all information.

Heasy increases your efficiency while also reinventing how businesses welcome their guests.

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Our teams assist you in defining your digital access policy. Heasy helps educate and empower in new and existing digital technologies with its intuitive and scalable interface.

Online outlets with attractive features such as games, videos and various activities allow you the freedom to focus on your core business while also boosting customer engagement.

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Heasy adapts to your various event themes while maintaining the provision of its services. Whether it’s an integral part of your event or the registration of your guests, Heasy guarantees a unique experience that is sure to delight both adults and children.

A display of AI and robotics that is sure to impress your spectators!

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To fit your needs and meet your objectives, Hease Group/Robotics develops and constructs prototypes customized for you. Alongside you in every step of the experimentation process is a personal project manager at Hease, dedicated to providing you with a balance sheet in the form of a deliverable in the end.

It is impossible to write the numerous capabilities and possibilities with Heasy online, let’s talk about your project together!

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